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Jerusalem Hotel

The Jerusalem Hotel as a site, a building and a business has been intertwined with history since the Byzantine Period. The building was constructed on top of the foundations of a Byzantine church part of which was newly discovered in the backyard behind the hotel. The building was never intended to be a hotel. In the beginning of the century it was an Ottoman police station and a mobilization site where Ottomans recruited young men to the world war. It later became a house for one of the affluent families of Jerusalem, a school and finally a guest house since 1950.
Welcome to the Jerusalem Hotel
Art and Heritage add to your Experience
Authentic Ambience, Authentic Service
A touch of Middle Eastern Inspiration to greet you
The Place to Get Together
The Jerusalem Hotel is a hub for locals and internationals to meet and get together. The Garden is the hotel’s refuge from the hustle and bustle of the Old City markets nearby. It is a hive where people can enjoy a drink, a snack or a full meal working on their laptops, indulging in discussions or simply relaxing and enjoying the commanded simplicity and serenity of the foliage and verdure all around. The Jerusalem hotel is your one stop shop where you should be able to organize your itineraries, get advise, rent a car and have easy access to all public transportation.
A Song and a Happy Throng
Art Heritage and Antiquity
The Garden, a great refuge after a long excursion

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