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Via Dolorosa and Churches

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Culture Tours of Jerusalem

Estimated time 3 – 4 Hours

This trail focuses on churches, especially the Holy Sepulcher, starting from Bab al-Asbat (Lions Gate) east of the Old City, from St. Anne’s Church (al-Salahiyya School) through Via Dolorosa, and ending in the Armenian Monastery near Bab al-Khalil (Jaffa Gate). It crosses the Old City from east, through south, to west. The trail is easy and can be completed in three to four hours, in the morning or afternoon, yet it is rich with events and miracles performed by Jesus Christ, as documented in Christian scripture, and reflects the culture of several Christian denominations in Jerusalem. It is important to remain quiet and respectful inside the churches and to observe proper attire requirements, opening and closing hours and instructions for visitors.


Trail’s Stations


1- St. Anne’s Church (al-Salahiyya School)

2- Via Dolorosa Stations 1-9

3- The Holy Sepulcher and Stations 10-14

4- St. Alexander Russian Church

5- John the Baptist Church

6- St. Mark’s Church

7- Nea Church

8- St. Jacob Armenian Cathedral