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We have gathered below a number of services that can make your trip a great experience and a unique exploration of Jerusalem, its history, its diversity and its people. Let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit better.


Airport Pick Up

Airport pick up can be arranged upon request. We can have a driver meet you and pick you up from the airport. Regular pick up rate is NIS 300 ($85).

Free Parking

Free parking is available for hotel guests. Please take your parking ticket from the hotel's reception.

Internet on the go

At a modest cost, the hotel can provide a mobile internet router that can be accessed in most places and that can handle several users. Please ask the reception for your kit.

For your Convenience

For your convenience, the following are available upon your request from the hotel's reception

Tablets - We have smart tablets available for your personal use. 




Office Services and Hall Rental

If you need to print, send a fax, use a smart tablet, type a document, send mail via the post office, please ask the reception. We are keen to make you feel at home.

Rent a Service

We can help you rent a car, rent a guide and provide you with maps and tips to make your trip as fruitful as possible

Satellite and Cable TV

All rooms are equipped with satellite that can provide you with in-room entertainment, news, nature, sports and other channels that may suit your taste.