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Sa'ad wa Saeed Mosque

Saad wa Saeed mosque is part of Al-Masoudiyyeh, a late nineteenth century neighborhood better known as Sa’ed and Sa’id. Houses were initially erected during 1870-1890 and again during 1895-1918 around an administrative Ottoman building in the center of the neighborhood. In 1905 there were 119 Jerusalem families living in the neighborhood. A traveller Khan known as Sa’ed and Sa’id, linked to the Islamic scientist Ibrahim Ben Ahmad Ben Falah Al-Masoudi, existed next to the mosque. The Mosque was built in 1905 in the endowment property of Shams Eddin Al-Balquini. The Mosque suffered a number of incidents because of its proximity to the 1948 border. It was abandoned between 1948-1950 and later rehabilitated by the Islamic Waqf.